Thursday, February 19, 2015


One of the reasons for me to travel to Germany was to visit the grave of Mother Theresa, the foundress of the School Sisters of Notre Dame.  I have been around SSND since I was a boy, taught by them and three aunts as sisters in the Order.  Below is a good representation of her.  As I arrived I discovered the chapel was under renovation and closed.  I know what that is like?!!  But worst was that her tomb was being painted and also closed.  Each day I walked past the door wondering if I would ever be allowed in.  Today I saw one of the workers come out and we asked about seeing the tomb.  He said it is done.  So I hurried in, said a prayer and snapped a picture.  Some of you can read German, but here is what it says:  Carolina Gerhardinger (baptismal name) Mother Theresa of Jesus (Name given when she took her vows)  Foundress of the Poor School Sisters of Notre Dame and then her words, "All the works of God proceed slowly and in pain".  If you remember I gave a homily on those words several weeks before I left in December.  Maybe that is why it took me a while to get to the grave--slow down, let go.  I learn slowly.  Also attached is a picture of the stone sent by American SSND at the time of her death in 1879.  The Church of St. James, as it is called, will not be open until Easter.  

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